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Mr.Bhalchandra Pethe, Chairman

Mr. Amar Pethe, Managing Director

PETHE is surname of this business family. Legendary Mr.WAMAN HARI PETHE started his JEWELLERY RETAILING business in Mumbai in 1904. Today WAMAN HARI PETHE SARAF enjoys very good reputation in this industry and is considered as one of the most trusted business house. MR.BHALCHANDRA WAMAN PETHE , the youngest son of MR. WAMAN HARI PETHE diversified this jewellery retailing business into engineering division.

PETHE ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED (PEPL) was founded by MR.BHALCHANDRA WAMAN PETHE in 1969. In year 1969 PEPL was a small manufacturing company employing some 8 to 10 people. Soon after its foundation, company started growing rapidly under the dynamic leadership of Mr.B.W.Pethe. Majority of our products were IMPORT SUBSTITUATE.
We are the PIONEER MANUFACTURER of electromagnetic clutches/brakes and other related products in India. Soon our products were recognized for the best quality and cost effectivness, After about 12 years of PEPL foundation ,existing resourses (shop floor area, manpower , machining
capacity) were not sufficient to meet ever growing customer demand.There was an urgent need to increase manufacturing capacity of PEPL.
Therefore in year 1982 we started our second manufacturing unit named PETHE BRAKE MOTOR PRIVATE LIMITED (PBMPL). Today both of our manufacturing units have almost same production capacity and in coming years we will be doubling our production cabacity at both the units. In year 1993 Mr.Amar Bhalchandra Pethe, a qualified electrical and mechanical engineer joined PETHE GROUP.This is our family owned business and continues to grow under the leadership of Mr.Amar Pethe. Our aim is to provide all our customers good quality products with cost effective solutions. At PETHE GROUP we have come a long way. We have over 50 years of experience, outstanding industry knowledge and extensive application know-how in this field. We enjoy very good reputation in this industry. Today PEPL with 9000 square feet shopfloor area has total workforce of 45 people. About 67 people work in this 15000 square feet manufacturing unit of PBMPL at Guhagar.

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